Meat was a little rubbery and a small amount was given. The food was definitely a large portion but the flavor was off. One meal came completely wrong all we’re supposed to be steak and we got chicken
Awesome restaurant. For the price I felt it was fair. It is a bit pricey but good pho is pricey. This app on the other hand is crap. It sent no order to the restaurant and they had to call me to ask what I wanted. They didn't even know if I paid...
Wow, best pho ever! Thought I would have to return to San Francisco to get this good pho, but no need :)
Food is always good. I was disappointed that I had requested a 3:55 pick up. When I got there the guy said they couldn't see the order at first, it would be about 5 minutes.Then he came out with my order and stated it had been ready for like 20 minutes. Why? when I requested a specific time, so the food was already cold. He mentioned that they place the order as soon as it comes in, which is not true. I placed the order around 2pm. I have never had a problem ordering online before.
Simple and very easy to order!
Any questions please call us.